English & Literacy

The English curriculum caters for the broad variety of student needs, abilities and year levels. Themes explored in English are dependent upon each student cohort and support the themes addressed in HR classes.  The focus in English studies is finding ways to broaden and enjoy the experience of language using creative and fun activities.  Students focus on a set text each term and then participate in extension activities based on areas of need and interest.

Literacy intends to get students in the habit of thinking about unfamiliar texts in a way that will enable them to decode texts and apply these skills to a range of settings and a variety of text types.

Students participate in group reading sessions most days at the HTU and are encouraged to read aloud during these.

Our aim is for students to expand their vocabulary, recall key information from texts, interpret figurative language, compare and contrast, summarise, predict, visualise, revise grammar rules, apply spelling strategies and plan, edit and present their own pieces of writing.