Mind and Body


Food sessions are an extremely popular part of our program. We study nutrition and encourage students to make educated and conscious decisions about what they consume. In addition, students are involved in budgeting and purchasing food for the program. Practical classes involve students planning, preparing and cooking a variety of main meals and baked goods whilst practising appropriate food handling and preparation techniques.  These sessions conclude with students and teachers sitting down together and enjoying the meal they have prepared.


Mindfulness refers to the mental state achieved by focusing our awareness on the present and calmly identifying and accepting our feelings, thoughts, and how our physical body feels. It is embedded throughout the HTU program in a variety of forms including meditation.


The Health component of our program focuses on student health and fitness, with each student undertaking a Teen Fitness Program at the Latrobe University gym during the term. The activities at Latrobe Sports Centre are highly structured and closely supervised/run by HTU teachers. The expertise of various Sports Centre Instructors are also engaged as required.

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