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The Heidelberg Teaching Unit (HTU) has a strong commitment to delivering quality and meaningful curriculum, and a flexible and innovative approach to challenging behaviours. All programs are delivered in a multi-modal format to assist in engaging students of varying strengths and areas of need.

The curriculum is focused on key learning areas and adopts a structure and timetable similar to that of mainstream schools. However, the curriculum at the HTU is based on the skills and needs of the students who attend the program. This results in a curriculum that is fluid and responsive, meaning that staff review and refine programs and lessons on a regular basis to cater for individual student needs.

The cornerstone of learning at the HTU is the focus on the development of key skill areas related to behavioural change in students.  At the HTU we hold a strong belief that Empathy, Reflection, Behavioural Change, Alternative Options to Past Behaviours, and Decision Making Skills, can be modelled, reinforced and taught.  As such, the Human Relations (HR) component of the program is key to all other undertakings.