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The Heidelberg Teaching Unit (HTU) is a Northern Region Support Program for students who demonstrate a variety of behavioural issues but still have an opportunity to successfully re-engage in mainstream school programs.

Our aim is to assist students, parents, teachers and school communities in fostering improved, long-term educational and behavioural outcomes for young people. 

We are located on the grounds of Reservoir High School and although connected to them in an administrative capacity, our program runs independently.

Our program incorporates both behavioural and academic elements and can cater for up to eight students per term.

We offer an intensive program during single term placements and aim to successfully reintegrate students back into their mainstream school.

Students remain connected to their school via:

•  teacher visits and provision of appropriate schoolwork

•  students returning to their own school on a one day per week basis (after an initial three-week period at HTU)

• HTU staff attend mainstream classes with students

• detailed weekly reports provided to schools and parents/carers

• further days at school that are negotiated on a week by week basis, according to student need and HTU staff recommendations.